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Gentle Flow Yoga

60 Min.


A beginner level class that is slow paced and easy to follow.  Gentle Flow blends slow vinyasa, deep stretches and standing balance poses to awaken the body and clear out stagnant energy. All levels are welcome.



Hatha Yoga

60 Min.


The word "Hatha" is both the umbrella term for all physical practices of yoga and the yoga of opposing energies, "ha" (SUN), and "tha" (MOON). Honoring both common usages, David Bowan teaches Classical Hatha Yoga - a balanced mind-body-breath (Pranayama) practice, and draws on the wisdom from the many rich lineages of yoga asana. The Rise + Shine morning class, and the evening Vinyasa offer a traditional blend of breath guided sun salutations, as well as held postures(yin), and dynamic postures (power yoga).


Stretch & Restore

60 Min.


With focus on the breath, we move through gentle transitions to open the body and nourish the spine. Our restorative postures incorporate bolsters, blankets, and blocks to ensure absolute comfort in each pose.  Yin style postures focus on slowly and gently exercising the connective tissue that surrounds the joints in the body, releasing tension and increasing flexibility. Slow Restorative Yoga is beneficial to balance a more active practice or decompress after a stressful day. All levels are welcome.



Deep Power Flow

90 Min.


Designed after The Barkan Method style of Yoga, this 90 minute session begins with traditional Ujjayi Pranayama and moves through a series of sun salutations, followed by two sets of standing postures working on strength and flexibility, and closing with a restorative floor sequence that works on either spine flexibility, hip openers, or chest openers. A final savasana of 5 – 10 minutes allows students the time to completely surrender, rest and meditate.


Kids Yoga

60 Min.


Kids Yoga is a wonderful alternative to teach your child ways to manage life during their development years. It also teaches a healthy and non-competitive option to tune out distractions and outside attachments. This program focuses on yoga basics such as breath, awareness, meditation, and healthy movement that will benefit the key areas for growth. Increased flexibility and physical strength sharpen mental focus and concentration, improve self esteem and positive body image, and relieve stress and anxiety.

Retreat Sculpt

60 Min


This class will begin with a sun salutation warm up, and will move right into different focused areas of the body (arms, core, legs, glutes) with high intensity cardio bursts for a maximum calorie burning effect. You will recognise many of the postures from our other classes, but they will be amplified with the use of some fun, new props like resistant band loops and free weights, adding a new challenge to the traditional yoga class. Music up and focus and sweat on!