Mama Baby Yoga in Turks & Caicos


We have a new class at Retreat for new mums (and mums-to-be)! This month we introduce our new mama baby yoga class, taught by Marisa Shearer. This class aims to help you connect with your baby, celebrate your new body and come back to your breath.

Mama baby yoga is a gentle, welcoming and playful environment for new mamas and their babies. This class is open to ALL mamas and babies  no special disposition or temperament necessary! Part of the yoga practice is welcoming the babies just as they are, while learning to cultivate awareness and breathing instead of tension and worry. And there's no experience required. Whether you already practice or you're brand new to yoga, mama baby yoga allows and encourages you to explore your new body, rebuild core strength while releasing tension in the hips, back and neck, and practice breath exercise for energy and relaxation.

And what about babies? Well, they are welcome to snooze through class, play on their blankets or join mama in poses. This class will also give you the opportunity to learn and practice short baby massages and baby yoga routines that you can bring home with you (including a routine for gas relief).

Since this class is designed for pre-crawling babies, we strongly support both breast and bottle-feeding during class. And please don't be deterred if you have a "fussy" baby ALL are welcome.

While this is a post-natal class, moms-to-be may also attend to get an early start on building a mama-baby connection and to get a good stretch when you need it the most.

So please join Marisa every Tuesday at 10:15 am. And for daily updates at Retreat, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. See you on the mat!