International Yoga Day in the Turks & Caicos


Last Sunday was a day to remember worldwide. Yes, it was the summer solstice. Yes, it was Father's Day. But June 21 was special for another reason. Because June 21, 2015, marked the first International Day of Yoga as recognized by the United Nations. And while the Turks and Caicos may be a small place, there's actually a strong, diverse yoga community here. So to commemorate the first International Day of Yoga, a group of local yoga instructors got together Sunday to host a free four-hour event at Graceway Sports Center open to everyone. It was an opportunity not only to celebrate yoga, but also a chance to introduce people to the ancient practice, and to learn from each other. And we all couldn't have been happier with the turnout.

Retreat joined local yoga instructors David Bowen, Kim Mortimer of Island Synergy, Sushil Kumar and Sister Padma of Brahma Kumaris Meditation Center and Edward Shearer of Shearer Martial Arts (who also teaches classes at Retreat) for the event. Our crowd of 25 represented people of all ages and backgrounds. And while attendees were meant to come and go throughout the day for each workshop, many people stayed for the entire four hours.

Our first International Day of Yoga gave us a chance not only to connect with students, but also to connect with fellow yoga instructors. Together we created an informational, dynamic and inspirational atmosphere. Retreat has only been open for six months, so it was an honor to be part of an event like this. And it was truly special to connect with people internationally as we all paid tribute to the discipline of yoga. Truthfully, it was also surreal and humbling seeing some people wearing Retreat T-shirts at the event.

Thank you to everyone who participated. We're already looking forward to next year, and we only expect this Turks and Caicos wellness movement to grow. A big thank you also goes to Marisa Shearer of Marisa Findlay Photography for capturing the essence of the day through her camera lens. Until next time...