Yoga Pose of the Day: Bakasana (Crow)

It's a test of arm and core strength, and a test of balance. But that feeling you get when you manage to lift your toes off the ground, balancing on nothing but your arms, is a feeling like no other. It's fun, but more than that, it's empowering.

If you've been to any of our yoga classes here at Retreat in the last few weeks, you already know: We're talking about crow pose.

We've been playing with crow a lot in class recently. Because not only is it a beautiful posture that strengthens your core and upper arms, but it's also a great transition for other poses, such as headstand. Not there yet? No worries. It's all about practice, persistence and patience. Already we've seen so much progression in our classes. But just in case you're still unsure about where to start, here are the basic steps to getting into crow, as demonstrated by Lindsay.

Step 1: Come into a forward fold, bending from the hips and bringing your belly close to your thighs.

Step 2: Plant your hands firmly on the floor with your fingers spread wide, and start to tilt forward on your toes.

Step 3: Place your knees on the back of your upper arms and press forward until your toes lift off the ground. Open your throat by looking forward. And voila!

If you're still having trouble getting there, try practicing with a block to give you that extra lift. This is how Laura learned crow pose. It's always ok to use props to help you learn a posture.


Once you feel comfortable in crow, you can practice moving into a headstand or jumping back into a plank. Keep practicing. There's always more to learn.

Now we want to see your crow. Share your progress with us on our Facebook or Twitter pages with the hashtag #RetreatTC, or you can post right here in the comments section. Enjoy your practice!