Retreat Yoga is Growing


Hi there yogis! As many of you already know, Retreat was closed for most of September but reopened last month. And our reopening came with some big changes. The Retreat family is growing with the addition of two yoga instructors to the studio, both of whom we greatly admire. We're so excited for our team to grow less than a year since Retreat opened. The studio now has five instructors total, each with his and her own unique teaching style. We're so happy to have this variety of energies in the studio now, and we hope you'll come check out the different types of yoga (and Tai Chi!) these instructors have to offer. Allow us to introduce you...

David Bowen


David is a longtime staple in the Turks and Caicos yoga community, having practiced and taught yoga for more than 40 years. David's yoga journey began in 1975 in the Bahamas, where he trained in the Sivananda style. From there, he traveled to New York City, India and Japan, where he trained and taught in the Iyengar and Ashtanga styles, and studied in the Classical Hatha yoga traditions and Ayurveda. He returned to the Caribbean in 1998, when he began teaching in TCI.

Ten years ago, we were taking David's classes here at this very studio before it became Retreat  so it's particularly special for us to have him join the Retreat team and continue his teachings in the same space we learned from him.

David's yoga teaching technique is a unique hybrid Vinyasa Yoga style, most recently influenced by Sampoorna Yoga. His classes focus on the trinity principles of correct body postures, mindful meditation and refined breath awareness.


Marisa Shearer


Marisa has practiced yoga for the last 12 years, with her technique profoundly influenced by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. She brings a more yin, meditative approach to her yoga classes, which is a wonderful balance to our hot and dynamic classes. She also has a calming, soothing voice to help you reach your own meditative state (you have to hear it to believe it!).

In Marisa's classes, you'll find that her emphasis is not on achieving postures, but rather using them to undo tension and find integration throughout the body. Her teachings bring a calm element to the studio, and we're happy to give Marisa a place to share her technique with the Turks and Caicos community.

When Marisa isn't teaching or practicing yoga, she's busy being a mother, photographer and blogger.


Edward Shearer


Ed isn't new to Retreat  he's actually been with us since the beginning, but we think he deserves a reintroduction for anyone who has yet to meet him. Ed teaches Qigong and Tai Chi at Retreat, two ancient practices many of you may not be familiar with.

Qigong movements can be gentle, fluid and synchronized with breath, and focused on mind and blood flow. Tai Chi movements, meanwhile, are more dynamic and rooted in the martial arts.

We first met Ed (as well as Marisa, who is his wife) many years ago on Ambergris Cay  a tiny, private residential island in TCI, when we offered wellness retreats there. It's so exciting to join forces with him all these years later at Retreat. Ed is extremely passionate about sharing these two distinct, complementary arts. They do take hard work and regular practice, but the benefits and skills learned are lifelong rewards. Find out for yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and try something new!